Ethics Policy

How we decide right from wrong at Daten Technologies

We’re an ethical reputation management firm

Our objective with any campaign is to make the internet better

At Reputation X ethics are important. When one works in online reputation management, it can be easy to work on campaigns whose values don’t necessarily align with the people doing the work. We keep this in mind when choosing clients. 

Knowing our limitations

Reputation X uses content marketing, search engine optimization, specialized reputation management tools, and public relations methodologies to improve online reputation ethically.


Our people guide us

Every project is vetted by our team. If a team member is uncomfortable, we won’t engage.

No fake reviews

We do not write fake reviews for Yelp or any other review site. We do not condone paying for fake reviews either. If you have negative reviews we will use our experience and skills to try and get them suppressed or removed.

We don’t hack websites

We don’t hack websites. We’re not hackers for many reasons, one of which is the fact that we look terrible in hoodies. 

Zero web spam

We work hard to make sure the work we do improves search engine results instead of degrading them. We don’t have a list of websites we use for reputation projects, instead, every reputation campaign is treated individually. If web properties need to be developed or content created, we do so carefully and on an as-needed basis.

We realize search engines are weapons

Search engines organize the world’s information, they don’t verify it. Evildoers, or just lazy fact-checkers, take advantage of this virtual loophole and fill it with information that’s misleading or downright false. Our goal is to leverage search engines for good, instead of evil. 

Because search results are not reflective of truth, only relevance, our task is to help individuals and companies improve the way they are seen online by managing, analyzing, and putting into action strategies that matter. 

Who we don’t work with


“Evil” is a subjective term, but if a corporation isn’t in line with our values we have no problem turning them down for business.

The incarcerated (usually)

We believe that when people have done their time, their debt to society has been paid. But while they are paying that debt we are unlikely to engage them as clients.

Serial killers are an easy group to turn down. As are scammers, cheaters, and people who have hurt children. But how about a person who vocally objects to her taxes being used to support welfare initiatives? Or a person who made a mistake, has paid his debt, and just wants to live a normal life? These are tougher questions, and ultimately we decide whether or not to work on these projects on a case-by-case basis.

Conflicts of interest

Sometimes we have conflicts of interest with other clients. In this case we will usually decline a project. 

By being upfront about what we can and cannot work with we hope to take some of the guesswork out of determining whether we’re always acting in our clients’ best interest. 

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