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Services to protect and nurture online reputation.

Building materials of an online reputation


That’s why it’s critical to take consistent, proactive steps to mitigate future negativity before it starts, no matter how good your reputation is right now. It could change in an instant if you’re not on top of it.

How reputation protection works

Think of your brand’s online reputation as a public credit score for your business that’s a combination of:

  • Branded search results
  • Online reviews
  • Editorial content
  • Online images
  • Social media
  • …and more

Cumulatively this content is reflected online and scrutinized by prospective customers. That hard-won reputation must be protected.

By working to proactively mitigate negativity, usually through the strengthening of your brand’s existing online content or addressing potential negative content creation, the potential effect and frequency of negative content being produced in the future can be reduced.

We do this by taking steps like:

  • Improving reviews so inevitable negative ratings are less impactful to your business
  • Repositioning positive online content in search
  • Identifying online content threats and mitigating them before they become problems
  • Creating an environment for positive brand messages to be published and promoted online


At a high level, we help protect your online reputation by taking the steps shown above.

improving reviews, repositioning content to better represent your brand, and identifying online content threats before they become problems.

Read on to see a more in-depth look at our process.


We start by researching similar companies, brands, or people to learn what search engines like most about them. Research often includes:

  • Branded search term research
  • Competitor search term research
  • Competitor content research
  • Content research for the brand
  • Trending content audit


After we understand the landscape in which your business operates, we design a strategy to address it. This typically involves:

  • Ideal results modeling
  • Content gap development
  • Search engine marketing strategy

Monitoring and Tracking

Once an effective strategy has been fleshed out, we set up online reputation monitoring (including content tracking) for branded search terms to alert stakeholders of potential threats. All of our monitoring is overseen by a human being.

Content Creation and Repositioning

We then execute the strategy, making adjustments as we go. This typically is based on a stepped content development strategy that builds toward your brand’s ideal online search results. Content development often looks like:

  • Brainstorming content ideas
  • Headline development
  • Primary and secondary content creation
  • Content approvals and editing
  • Publisher placement negotiation
  • Content placement
  • Social and search content promotion

Web Development

We’ll often develop custom web properties like websites, apps, blogs, and other platforms for content distribution where it’s beneficial.


Web promotion takes many forms. Some of those include:

  • Influencer outreach
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogger negotiation
  • Social media promotion


Reputation protection costs between US $3,000 and $8,000 per month in most cases. It’s usually less resource intensive (and therefore less costly) than other services like reputation repair. 

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